"The festival of lights"-
They say...
Yes! I see the light...
But just for a moment.
A light with a sound;
And toxic smoke!!

Boom!! Boom!!
They burst...
Giving me a mini attack!!
Young and old alike
Making my head crack-
With ache...

I smell smoke
It's unbreathable!!
I hear animal abuse...
Crackers tied to their tails!!
I see houses burn...
Warehouses burst...
With lives inside...
And still-
Many think crackers are fun!!
I see wads of money...
Burst and burn...
Turn to ash...

Still- they call it
"Festival of lights"...
I see gloom and fume
With nature's tears-

MARCH 16, 2020

The day before the lockdown begun….

Taken on March 16,2020. This was taken in the library of my college by a friend of mine. I am a camera shy person and I am hiding myself hereπŸ˜‚… But this has become a cherished picture now and I thank my friend everytime we talk, for taking this picture.
It was just another day-
A monotonous monday...
Until it wasn't.
Who would've thought
It to be the last day-
People would meet people!!
2 of my 3 girls absent...
It was a boring day.

I was 19 and 11 days old
Worse...my friend turned 19
That day.
Who would've thought
Our 19 would fleet away
Staying at home...

A motivational day...
With a counselling session.
I said I would work harder-
Improve myself...

The professor's reassuring voice...
I never went to college again.

A hungry day...
1:50 pm- I had missed the train.
Filled my stomach-
With a mushroom puff...
An anxious day...
Had a seminar-
The next day.

It was 6:40 pm,
Everything turned 360Β°...
A month long lockdown laid...
Happiness everywhere!!

Anxiousness vanished...
The month was gone...
The lockdown lasting long!!

It would've been just another day...
But it wasn't;
I cherish every moment now
It was...
The last normal day.
How was your day before the lockdown begun??


Some find snails disgusting… Not me!!
Time moves like a snail;
Leaving behind memories-
Good and bad ones;
Ones that stick with us
For life...
Like the slime.

For some others-
It's fast, the time.
Like for the leaves...
You live one day-
And can wither anyday.
Go black and rotten...
Into nothingness.

Good or Bad;
Long or short;
You never know...
Live life to the fullest-
And make every moment count.
So even if you
Go into nothingness...
You got those sticky memories-
On you and
On those special ones,
With whom you made those.
Yeah!! I tried and it didn’t turn out well… What do the readers think??


On a warm day,
When the sun shone bright and golden,
She bought me a ring,
A Golden Ring...
As if she knew, my fingers-
Would stop growing.

In a chilly store,
Where the air blew icy and cold,
I found the ring,
The Three-Hearted Ring...
As if it was made, slender and thin-
Just for me.

With a happy heart,
Where two more lived,
I told her that-
The Big Middle Heart
Belonged to him.
Expected her to pout and complain,
But she didn't defy.

Then came the conflict!!
Two hearts left...
One small and perfect; another-
Small and squashed.
"Isn't my heart beautiful",I asked-
"But isn't hers more broad and beautiful",
My inner self whispered.

Countless childish arguments later,
Came the conclusion.
He and she has beautiful hearts...
Broad hearts...
Selfless hearts...
That makes me smile, and
Brim with joy!!
That puts me first
Before everything else.
He is my father.
She is my mother.
Now I love them both,
With my little squashed heart.

A favourite poem

“I told my wrath, my wrath did end.”

This has been a favorite poem of mine since childhood. The words, imagery and the message are simple and is easy to be understood by anyone. It talks about the universal truth of how bottling up your feelings (here anger) can grow into hatred or mental stress/pain and destroy you and the people around you. So always speak out and breathe… It truly helps!!!

This is “A Poison Tree” by William Blake. Any of your favourite poem are welcome as suggestions…



My new muse striking a pose for the camera😍...

This pandemic has given me a lot of free time and I keep drifting away… in thoughts, worrying about the future and becoming sad for no reason. And yesterday I met my muse and thought we were alike.

Us and the butterflies. We want to fly, towards our happiness like they fly towards nectar, their sweetness. We want to be free and do whatever we like.

All of us want to fly high… Without any worries

But, there is the noise from the crowd around us, monotonous thoughts and hurricanes of worries swirling in our mind. We drift away… like a butterfly along a strong wind. Wings broken… Forgetting what we like and venturing into useless worries.


Look! I am drifting into poetic thoughts again… Anyways let’s try to take control and seek what we like, instead of letting something/ someone else drag us into a pool of worries.

That’s all for todayπŸ‘‹. Leaving my drawing of the muse…

I didn’t do much justice to my muse, did I ?? πŸ€”πŸ€”


A favourite book

“She was their Ammu and their Baba and she had loved them Double.”❣️

I love how the love of a mother for her children, in the very short period she lived is captured beautifully in just a paragraph of few lines. This is “The God of Small Things“, a novel by Arundhati Roy. A tragic but beautiful work .

Any book recommendations are welcome πŸ“šπŸ“šπŸ“š




I know it’s a very sad thing, but I really wanted to share my experience. So let’s begin…

I was really young when I experienced it and most experience it early (like the moment they were born!). I was 7 or 8 years old at that time. I don’t have a clear picture of the whole story, but the word is still vivid, etched in my memory.

Ouch!! Words can hurt…

I was put into a Hindi class at a very young age. Hated it. But there were people to make it better. The teacher is a very popular one during that time. Most classmates from my school were there. That was the primary reason I was put there. I made a lot of friends. And there was a boy among them, a funny one, one who never fails to make you laugh so hard that your stomach hurts. It was his elder sister, basically a child too, older but not very much.

As I said before, I don’t remember why she said that. One day she called me karuppi‘, meaning ‘blacky‘. I didn’t know it was racist, discriminatory… I knew nothing, but it hurt hard. I don’t know if I cried then and there, though I remember bawling my eyes out to my parents all night and my dear father going to my little friend’s house to get me an apology from his sister.

It hurt so bad 😒

I got the apology. My friendship did not break. Everything looked good outwards. But things changed inside. For example, an innocent child learnt that her skin color was not favorable, she learnt that words can hurt and she learnt how much her parents love her for what she is, a brown little crying mess . πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€οΈ.

The irony was that my friend’s sister is brown too, browner than I am ( not being racist here!). Maybe someone did the same to her…she got hurt too. No one knows.

Though there are a lot of talks surrounding such discrimination in recent days, we can’t put an end to such issues completely. The discrimination can still happen and it can hurt. But it is us who should be confident and never hurt others the same way.




It’s been raining these daysβ˜”οΈβ›ˆοΈ. Everything’s lush and green and there are a lot of mushrooms popping up lately.

It’s really fascinating. The rains. It’s like the drops fall and impregnate the earth. And she gives birth to the unseen. It’s gloomy but nature glows green and bright. And there is pain too. If it rains too much, I mean. The new lives wither and rot. Ah, got a little poetic right there!

A morning after some rain…

Anyways, I am enjoying the rains. It’s finally happening… Been waiting for it. And it’s giving me some inspiration and urges to sleep all day.

It’s been years since I have drawn and this afternoon I wanted to draw some mushrooms after I saw them around the house. It was an abrupt thought and I did itπŸ™‚.

That’s all for today. Good night β™₯.



Hi there! Nice to meet youβ™₯

This is Agalya and this is my blog, Maeil Talks. I just didn’t know what to name the blog for many days and one day I wanted to name it “Everyday Talks“. But it sounded quite blunt to me, so I tried translating the word ‘everyday‘ to some other language and chose ‘maeil‘, which is from the Korean language.

I am doing this blog as a part of the Internal assessment for my under graduate course. This is a very new experience and I am very much excited and nervous. 🀞🀞.


As the name of the blog suggests, it’s just everyday talks. Things from my daily experience, from the past, series I am watching, and anything I find worth sharing can be seen here…. That’s all for the intro. Bye.

And as you can see, I love gifs😍